What is the best age to get Invisalign?

Many people considering orthodontic treatment often ask, “What Is the Best Age to Get Invisalign?” or “What Is The Minimum Age for Invisalign?” The answer may surprise you. Since the introduction of Invisalign in 1999, its popularity has soared. With that, designers have increasingly added functionality to widen the array of capabilities.

Children as Young as Seven Can Use Invisalign

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), children should see an orthodontist before their seventh birthday. The reasoning behind this declaration is that children at that age have lost many of their primary (baby) teeth. Several adult teeth are already in place and x-rays reveal additional adult teeth ready to erupt.

Your orthodontist in O’ Fallon, MO can predict potential orthodontic problems. Taking early action at this stage can prevent future problems and make later corrective treatment easier. Previously, orthodontists could use braces, palatal expanders, and other orthodontic appliances to correct early problems. Seeing a growing need in this area, Align Technology developed an Invisalign treatment for younger patients.

Invisalign First® uses all the technological advances in use for Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Adult patients, with appropriate sizing for small mouths. Spacers and adapters are used for erupting teeth, based on projected growth patterns. The system allows proper alignment, using the child’s natural growth to ensure a straight smile.

Although it is not available everywhere, patients as young as seven can use Invisalign. Supervision is generally required to make sure the alignment trays are worn and receive proper cleaning each day. The almost invisible system allows early treatment without the stigma of traditional braces.

What Is the Best Age to Get Invisalign?

The answer to this question is simple — any age over seven is the best age to get Invisalign.

Invisalign Teen has features that assist parents in monitoring the treatment of their active teens. This system offers teens a bit of independence during treatment. Additionally, teens can remove alignment trays for eating, drinking, and school picture day. While undergoing treatment many teens say that the tray aligners help to boost self-esteem and build up their level of confidence.

For adults, standard Invisalign has been a popular method of straightening teeth since its introduction. Professionals, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, and even grandparents are seeking a straight and healthy smile. The benefits of Invisalign are well-known for overall physical and mental health.

If you think Invisalign may be right for you, Ries & Cherre Orthodontics is eager to have you as a patient. Our well-trained staff can have you on your way to having a straight, healthy smile in no time!

Children, Teens, and Adults Can Begin Today

Ries & Cherre Orthodontics offers a complimentary consultation. You can use the online widget to get started right now. Simply select O’Fallon or Ellisville as your preferred location and follow the prompts. As a Diamond Invisalign provider, Dr. Charlie Ries is one of the top orthodontists in the greater St. Louis area. Patients can also schedule appointments on the phone:

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Whether you are interested in treatment for yourself or a child in your care, Ries & Cherre Orthodontics will treat you right!

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