Trick-or-Treat: Braces Friendly Candy For The Holloween Season

braces friendly candy

As the Halloween season approaches, children excitedly anticipate the tradition of going door-to-door, eagerly filling their baskets with a wide selection of sugary treats. However, for those wearing braces, it’s important to be mindful of the types of candies consumed during this ghoulishly delightful time. To ensure a braces-friendly Halloween, orthodontists recommend certain candy choices that won’t damage orthodontic appliances or cause tooth decay. Let’s explore some orthodontist-approved options.

Sweet and Safe: Embrace the Delight of Chocolate

Among the braces-friendly candy choices, chocolate is at the top of the list. Whether it is a classic candy bar like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Nestle Crunch, these soft chocolate treats are safe to enjoy while wearing braces. Unlike sticky candy, chocolate doesn’t get stuck in brackets or wires, reducing the risk of broken appliances and saving frequent visits to the orthodontist.

Chewy Treats: Soft and Delightful

Gummy and chewy candy enthusiasts need not despair. Soft cookies, ice cream, or even a Tootsie Roll can provide a sweet treat without compromising oral health. However, it is essential to consume chewy candies in moderation to avoid tooth decay and ensure good oral hygiene.

Tantalizingly Sour Options

For those who enjoy a sour kick, options like sour candy or Jolly Ranchers can still be enjoyed. Although it’s important to opt for the softer versions of these candies to prevent damage to brackets and wires, being mindful of how much sour candy is consumed is key.

Crunchy Indulgences: Nuts and More

Peanut butter lovers can indulge in their favorite treat safely while wearing braces. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joy bars, for example, contain nuts that add a satisfying crunch. However, it’s essential to maintain proper oral hygiene after consuming these treats to minimize any risk of tooth decay caused by residual sugar.

A braces-friendly Halloween can still be a fun and enjoyable experience. With a wide selection of orthodontist-approved candies available, there’s no need to feel left out of the Halloween spirit even if you’ve had adult orthodontic treatment. By choosing chocolate, soft and chewy candies, and being mindful of oral hygiene, individuals wearing braces can partake in the Trick-or-Treat festivities without compromising their orthodontic treatment. Have a happy Halloween filled with delicious, safe, and braces-friendly treats!


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